Plek changes the way companies work together. Our mission is to help organisations move ahead with employee engagement. We support, activate and inspire employees throughout their entire online employee journey.

Our internal engagement platform connects employees in the workplace and allows for easier communication, knowledge sharing and team collaboration. We put all possibilities for involvement under one roof and allow the needs of the employees to be central: integrated onboarding programs, increased employee participation, self-organisation and opportunities for development.

Who are we?
Any questions? Maybe we can answer them here: 

1. What can I expect after I apply?
Every applicant will receive an email to confirm the application has been received. After that, the candidates that match the profile we're looking for will be contacted to plan in an initial online conversation with our HR Manager. This meeting will be followed by 2 conversations with the hiring manager and future team members.

2. Didn’t find a position that you think you could fill?
Don’t worry! You should still send us your resume and an open application and we will have a look and respond to you as soon as we can.

3. Is there a policy for working at home/remote?
We have a flexible home / office policy and ask that you come to the office one day per week. Right now, the team works hybrid and we all come into the office for bigger meetings, events etc. We also allow you to work remotely sometimes!

4. Does Plek have a dress code in the office?
We keep it casual! We like it when you can be yourself here 😉

5. More information about Life at Plek?
Our team consists of 32 internationals, the main language is English around the office but of course we have some Dutch natives on board and people who (try 😉) speak Dutch. We even have "Dine with the Dutch" evenings where we eat "Nederlandse eten" and practice our Dutch! At lunchtime we all meet in the kitchen and eat lunch together and we have monthly team events and drinks after work during the week 😉
If you haven’t found your answer here, send Aimee, our HR Manager, an email at or call +31 20 3697577!